Post Mortem Kit
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Post Mortem Kit

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A post-mortem kit, also known as a autopsy kit or mortuary kit, is a set of medical tools and supplies used by forensic pathologists and medical examiners during the examination of deceased individuals to determine the cause of death. Key components typically include: - **Scalpel**: Used for making incisions during the autopsy procedure. - **Scissors**: Various types of scissors for cutting tissues, organs, and sutures. - **Forceps**: Grasping and holding instruments for handling tissues and small objects. - **Bone Saw**: Used for cutting through bone during skeletal examinations. - **Rib Shears**: Specifically designed scissors for cutting through ribs. - **Needles and Sutures**: For closing incisions and wounds post-autopsy. Post-mortem kits are essential tools in forensic investigations, providing forensic professionals with the necessary equipment to conduct thorough examinations and gather evidence related to the cause and circumstances of death.