P.E. gloves, or polyethylene gloves, are disposable gloves commonly used in various settings to maintain hygiene and protect against contaminants. Key features include: - **Material**: Made from lightweight and durable polyethylene, providing basic hand protection. - **Disposable**: Designed for single-use to ensure hygiene and prevent cross-contamination. - **Comfortable Fit**: Loose fit for easy on and off, accommodating various hand sizes. - **Versatility**: Suitable for food handling, cleaning, medical examinations, and general-purpose tasks. - **Cost-Effective**: Economical choice for high-volume usage. - **Non-Sterile**: Generally non-sterile, suitable for tasks that do not require strict sterile conditions. - **Textured Surface**: Often features a textured surface for better grip and handling. P.E. gloves are ideal for maintaining hygiene and safety in a wide range of applications, providing a cost-effective and convenient protective barrier.